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Employment Law Assist's business aim is to support employers (we do not conduct business with employees). Our support concentrates on the ever increasing complexities of Employment Law, by creating bespoke Contracts of Employment consisting of Statement of Main Terms and Conditions linked to an Employee Handbook which forms part of the Contract.


If you require employment law advice on professionally constructed Contracts of Employment, then look no further. This is essential part of any contract as it will have the affect of empowering you the employer and putting you in control and explaining both the rights of the employee and most importantly the rights of you‚ the employer. For more employment law advice and Employment Contract Advice employment contract advice– please contact us via the contact page.


Our Employment Law Consultants can help you put robust Contracts in place outlining the Company's professional standards and explaining policies and procedures with regard to disciplinary, grievance and appeal hearings, this will substantially lessen the likelihood of your Company being taken to an Employment Tribunal formally known as Industrial Tribunal.

If you would like more employment law and small business advice – you can contact one of our Consultants on the contact telephone number above. You can also contact us via the contact page by using the simple online contact form. We typically operate in the Midlands and Oxford areas. However, please contact us if you wish to see if we can provide our services in your local area.

For your free Employment Law Health Check, simply e-mail all the documents that you currently use in your employment of staff and I will conduct a critique of the same.


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