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About ELA

Employment Law Assist was formed in February 2005 with the aim of offering small business advice and supporting employers in the S.M.E. sector. We pride ourselves on offering the highest standard of employment contracts. We have many clients in the Midlands, Oxford and the surrounding areas.

The service we provide is to the highest possible standard and we won't settle for anything less. Our top priority is to keep our reputation as a friendly, reliable company that provides an excellent small business advice at all times.

Contractual Advice

Here a ELA we provide first class contractual advice. Our aim is to provide the best possible assistance to all employers in the Midlands and Oxford areas.

Statement of Terms and Conditions

This document is known to employers as the Contract of Employment and outlines the employers offer to the employee in regard to salary, working hours, holiday entitlement and other benefits. Once issued this fulfils the employer's legal responsibility to the employee and should be issued within 8 weeks of the employee's commencement date.

Bespoke Employee Handbook

This document is all important to the employer and outlines the professional standards and policies with regard to working ethics that he/she expects from the employees. In most circumstances it should be issued as part of the Contract of Employment and the Handbook will include the Company disciplinary procedures, appeals procedures, grievance procedures, along with Company policies such as use of mobile phones, use of Company computers, applying for holidays and a host of other policies and professional standards that the Company requires from its staff. The document sets out in clear and precise terms the rights of the employer and is designed to protect the business.

Ongoing Updates

Employment Laws are reviewed twice during the course of a year, in April and October. New laws are introduced and existing laws are changed or upgraded. If you do not keep abreast of these changes or introductions your existing documents may become redundant and in fact work against you.

Part of my service is to maintain the compliance of my clients documents by upgrading Contracts of Employment and the Employee Handbook as and when required.

Model Letters and Documents

Should my clients need to inform any employees in writing that they are concerned in any way with regard to the working relationship then I will provide the necessary wording for any letters sent. Further, a host of employment related documents are available such as Employment Checklist, Holiday Request Form, Self Certification Form and many others.

Legal Advice

Should any client require advice on any employment related issue, simply pick up the phone and call or Employment Law Consultants 24/7. I will advise accordingly on how best to deal with the particular circumstances at the time.

Advice and Indemnity Scheme

Employment advice and an Indemnity Scheme are also available where the indemnity in place will cover employers for legal expenses should any employee wish to take the employer to an Employment Tribunal. The indemnity also covers for awards made against the employer should the Tribunal rule against the employer, provided the employer has followed the legal advice given.


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